Vega ultra LED Christmas tree lights white Ø 1.2 X 10 cm 8 pcs

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Decorate for the festive season with these beautiful wireless Vega LED Christmas tree lights with battery, which look just like real twisted candles. Attach the lights to the Christmas tree or a beautifully decorated spruce branch using the included clips, or use your Georg Jensen candle holders, which the lights also fit. The Christmas tree candles have a diameter of 1 cm at the base (1.2 cm at the widest point) and a height of 10 cm, which means they won't topple over like taller candles.

  • Made from recycled ABS material with a rustic finish for durable, authentic beauty.
  • Exclusive twisted candle with a flat top that gives the impression of a fine, new candle.
  • Black wick with a moving 3D drop-shaped flame in a beautiful warm white colour.
  • Impressive battery life of 200 hours (batteries available for purchase).
  • Optional remote control with timer function and adjustable brightness (available separately).

Vega twisted Christmas tree candles create the most beautiful indoor Christmas atmosphere, without the risk of fire damage to children, pets or the environment. In addition, these candles are hypoallergenic as they do not emit soot or harmful particles.

Vega LED Christmas tree lights are made from ABS plastic, as Christmas tree lights are often touched and twisted when mounted on light holders and clamps, where a candle made from real candle wax risks cracking and breaking. ABS plastic can be recycled just like the recyclable packaging the Christmas tree lights come in.

We recommend the following number of Christmas tree lights for a Christmas tree of:

  • 120 cm: 16 pcs.
  • 150 cm: 24 pcs.
  • 180 cm: 32 pcs.
  • 210 cm: 40 pcs.