At Led Nordic we focus on the environment and on the footprints our products leave behind. We constantly ask ourselves ”how can we be better?” in regard to the environment.

How is LED candles environmentally friendly?

If you light a real candle, you add up to 1.000 times as many particles and flue gases (nitrogen dioxide) to your indoor environment. LED candles are environmentally friendly because you avoid adding these toxic particles to your environment.

When soot particles and smoke enter our homes it is unhealthy to our bodies and the environment. Many people actually do not tolerate real candles, and some do not dare to light real candles in fear of forgetting to blow them out. That is why we have created an environmentally friendly alternative, where the cosiness is still paramount.




How is the packaging environmentally friendly?

Since we started Led Nordic, a lot has happened. We focus on the development of an environmentally friendly packaging. We expect all our packaging to be environmentally friendly in the future, but it is a process that takes time. We have to start somewhere – and here I tell you how far we are:


What does the packaging consist of?

Our products are delivered in cardboard. We have minimized the consumption of cardboard without compromising protection of the products when they are shipped. All our packaging can be recycled as long as it is sorted correctly after use. This way, there is no unnecessary waste and consumption

To protect the products in the packaging we use a material called EPE. It protects the lights during transmission so the product is not damaged in any way. The material is environmentally friendly as it can be recycled into other products. If you want to help us take care of the environment, please sort the packaging correctly.

How are batteries environmentally friendly?

Batteries are often referred to as major sins in the climate account. But it’s actually quite misleading. Batteries contain useful raw materials, such as iron, manganese and heavy metals – and they can be recycled.

Some batteries are also more environmentally friendly than others. At Lyshygge, we sell Fujitsu alkaline batteries that are manufactured to the highest international standards in the field. A minimum of raw materials has been used for the benefit of the environment. At the same time, they have a completely unique anti-leak design that protects the equipment in which the batteries are used a little better than other good batteries.


How do you recycle the batteries?

Having a lot of products being battery driven, it is important to emphasize the importance of sorting your batteries when changing them. Batteries must be returned for recycling in order to be considerate of our environment.

Why return batteries for recycling?

Used batteries are harmful to nature and groundwater if you throw them in the genreal waste bin.

You help to ensure that useful raw materials such as iron, manganese and heavy metals are recycled.

If they end up in your general waste bin, the useful raw materials are lost because they get burned.

When you return batteries for recycling the raw materials are extracted and recycled.

Thank you for your interest in Led Nordic. We will update this page regularly as we get wiser. Do you have ideas on how we can become even greener or have inputs for our business – then feel free to contact us.

Have a great day!