The story of Led Nordic

"We created LED Nordic because we didn't want to compromise between our indoor climate and the coziness of our home."

Harmful side effects from candles

We love light, we love "coziness", that's why we created LED Nordic back in 2015. Candles are one of the biggest climate culprits, emitting more soot particles than cars on a busy road. But for us, candles are synonymous with coziness, so we went in search of an eco-friendly alternative. And we found it! Perfect for allergy sufferers, elderly people who are afraid of candlelight - and for anyone who cares about a good indoor climate - including us.

Sold out after the first 2 months

When we opened our webshop in the fall of 2015, sales took off and within the first 2 months we had sold out all three products we had on our webshop at the time. It was great to see that so many people wanted to support the new, healthy alternative to real candles. The LED candles were the start of what is today a full-grown webshop not only with LED candles, but also other environmentally friendly products.

Thank you

We can't thank you enough: our loyal customers who keep us going. We are so proud that so many of you want to create coziness and at the same time not compromise the indoor climate. We believe that if we do the little things together, if we enjoy the little glimpses of life, then everything will be a little nicer and cozier. What do you believe?

Best regards

Kim and Rikke

Father and daughter to both each other and Led Nordic