Luna LED taper candle white 13 cm 2 pcs

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Luna LED taper candles are exclusive, rustic battery-operated candles that provide realistic and cozy illumination. The white Luna taper candles are available in various sizes and have a standard diameter of 2.2 cm.

• Crafted from pure wax with a rustic surface for authentic beauty.
• Black wick with a movable 3D drop-shaped flame.
• Long battery life of 200 hours.
• Elegant and exclusive appearance.
• Option for on/off.

Let Luna taper candles create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere on your dining table, framing your culinary masterpieces when you invite guests for dinner. You can also mix taper candles with pillar candles and tealights for a cozy and trendy look without the risk of soot, harmful particles, and fire.

All our LED taper candles come in recyclable packaging.