Luna LED pillar candle white in glass Ø 7.5 X 10-15 cm 1 pc

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This Luna LED Pillar Candle is a lifelike battery-operated candle in its own glass holder, providing a fine, cozy glow and an authentic ambiance. It is available in two sizes with a diameter of 7.5 cm.

  • Crafted from pure wax surrounded by glass for authentic beauty.
  • Elegant flat top, giving the impression of a fine, new pillar candle.
  • Black wick with a movable 3D drop-shaped flame.
  • Option for remote control here.

Luna LED pillar candles are gentle for allergy sufferers and allow you to create magical moments without any concerns about soot, harmful particles, or fire hazards.

Furthermore, all our lights and lamps come in reusable packaging.