Carla LED light chain 10 colored bulbs 3 m

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The Carla LED light chain consists of a 3 meter long black cord. The light chain is battery-operated, making it extremely flexible as you can use it anywhere indoors.

  • The bulbs are made of impact-resistant ABS material for durability and authentic beauty.
  • The Carla light chain is intended for indoor use.
  • Flexible LED light chain with battery.
  • Beautiful and inviting light chain with 10 large colored bulbs.

Place the Carla light chain wherever you want. The LED string lights with battery can be placed on the table as part of the table setting, hang from the ceiling or decorate the mirror. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

The LED string lights are delivered in recyclable packaging, just like all our other LED candles and lamps.