2 pc AAA re-chargeable batteries

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Suitable for solar lamps using NIMH batteries.

Frequently asked questions
Are batteries affected by different temperatures?
Yes, extreme heat or cold reduces battery performance.

How can I make my batteries last longer?
Remove batteries from devices that will not be used for a while. Store them in a dry, ventilated area at room temperature and out of sunlight.

What is meant by lifespan and cycle?
The lifespan of a battery describes how many full charges a battery can handle before its capacity drops below a certain level of its original capacity. Usually this is referred to as cycles. These have 500 cycles = approx. 1 year

How do I choose the right charger for my rechargeable batteries?
Be aware of which battery type you want to buy a charger for, the most common is 1.2V NiMH. You can find such a charger inexpensively at most grocery stores. There are also universal chargers that fit all types of batteries and most sizes, but at a higher price.

Where should I return a used battery?
Batteries should be recycled in designated areas and at recycling centres.