Rika LED pillar candle white Ø 7.5 X 12.5 cm 3 pcs

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The white Rika LED pillar candles with a battery are intended for outdoor use, but of course, you can also use them indoors. The pillar candles provide authentic and cozy lighting. This set consists of three candles, each measuring 12.5 cm in height and 7.5 cm in diameter.

  • Made from recycled ABS material for protection against insects and rain.
  • Elegant flat top that gives the impression of a fine, new candle.
  • Black wick with a moving 3D drop-shaped flame.
  • Impressive battery life of 1800 hours (batteries available for purchase).
  • Automatic timer, so the candle switches off after 6 hours and switches on at the same time the next day.

These Rika LED pillar candles with an IP44 rating can resist insects and solid particles down to one millimeter and withstand heavy water splashes from all sides, making them suitable for outdoor use and wet rooms like a bathroom. However, they are not intended for a swim in the bathtub or bird bath.

Rika outdoor LED pillar lights come in recyclable packaging.